A piece of preamble

This is actually an introduction post. Well, I blogged since a long time ago but never use WordPress. Now I stumbling here and falling for its interface which is so nice and grey (whatever, I love grey).

I think I fall for blogging since junior high school. It was my very first time I can outpour my feeling into virtual world, called blog. It was really exciting that time. I blogged about my little thought about goverment issue and I still remember how is that feel when I received my first comment of my post. Now it was one of tons reason why I still blogging (I’m actually have plenty of blog, but it just 2 blog which still active).

Anyway, welcome to my first WordPress. A new touch of blogging compared with my last blog. New environment, new topic (I used to be blogged my daily life, but here I will share every thought that appear in my mind).

Okay, maybe my piece of my preamble would end here. The rest is yours to enjoy. (:


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