Cheers, May!

Nggak berasa, Mei udah mau kelar aja. Hi May, we’ve made it finally. Saya teamed up pretty good sama bulan Mei tahun ini. Kita berhasil melewati some non-stop events that keep me busy from months before. I have also learned so much things on May, so let me list down some of them here.

Learn to be a braver person


Credit : Committee documentation

Tanggal 4 Mei kemaren, temen-temen saya di Doscom baru aja ngadain kegiatan Release Party. We just launched the latest Tea Linux with a new code name, called Jasmine Tea. I don’t want to sound too geeky so let’s just skip the babble about the event.

What I learned of this event is that I have to be brave (Sara Bareilles’s song, Brave playing). I used to be a very shy person so talking in front of public is a BIG NO NO for me. Dan di event ini, ketua acaranya nyuruh saya jadi MC di acara itu. I was like, “What? me as an MC? Are you kidding?”. But the moment later, I was think that it was the perfect opportunity for me to overcome my fears. So I was like “Okay self, you have to accept this challenge. Just believe that you can do it!”.

When other people ask you to do something, it means that they trust you to do it.

They believe that you can do that job. So what to worry about? Although indeed, I was very nervous at the beginning. But I decide to make friend with that feeling, and yeah I’ve finally made it.

To be a Mozillian is to be a good people

Credit : Peppeishaam's flickr

Credit : Peppeishaam’s flickr

At the very beginning I knew about Mozilla community, I knew that this is one-hell-of-community of million good people. I mean, we’re community based, and doing things things up for the sake of keeping the web as an open resource. And we’re becoming one community because of the mission. We’re not a group of goal-driven people to spreading promises of our services, but we try to provide choices for our users.

Right after the Tea Linux Release Party, me with some Mozillian fellas were organized a Semarang Mozillian Meetup (usually called as MozKopDarSMG) on 5 May. We talked a lot about what kind of web that you want? Is it the web where you can learn much things, or web that provides opportunities for anybody, or the web where you are the owner of your own data (privacy), and many else. We were also organized a mini seminar called Mozilla Creative Class on the next day (6 Mei 2014) and shared about Mozilla Webmaker and Firefox Student Ambassador program.

What I love the most of being a Mozillian is the openness. I feel like I’ve already working on an international company where I could read the CEO’s letter, receive an open call meeting, and many thing else that make feel like belong to the team. Yeah, being a Mozillian is about being a good people, indeed.

• Salute to those super hero movie, being a ranger is not an easy job. Seriously.

Credit : Fadhlillahh’s ig

The one freshly finished event of mine is must be Future Leader Summit. The dream that we’ve prepared from more than a half year ago. I learn so much things from this event so I probably will write this on the separate post (I’m not promising, though. :3).

But one of much things I’ve learned from here is

to transmit mindset to anybody else in a team is not an easy job, really.

Mindset is about habit. So trying to transmit our mindset, is the same as asking other people to start a new habit. It takes time, really. Even years.

And something else that I just realized from this event is that we couldn’t make it alone. Even if we’re the expert of that job. Uhm, I mean… I was a very perfectionist crafter. And in this event my division is the one that responsible for any event gifts (we called it as FLS kit). I usually craft anything by myself because I hate other people mistakes (what I mean here is, I could blame myself freely if that was my mistake, but I don’t like myself blaming other people if they’re making any mistakes). But with hundreds (even thousands) piece of papers that I should handle, now I can’t prevent myself to not accepting other people help. So yeah, I should low down my ego to accept their mistakes. And it probably not as perfect as I want it to be. But that was our winning. Not just my winning.


So now that some of my recent focus was accomplished, it’s time for me to moving on to the next focus. The feeling of crossing something of my recent focus list this time is kinda usual. The euphoria is not as cheering as it should be. I’m not really sure why, but maybe it’s because I haven’t settle down on my next goal so I was a little bit anxious.


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